Black Panther’s Danai Gurira inspires total body envy

Danai Gurira for Women's Health

Danai Gurira has worked out four times a week for three years (Ben Watts/Women’s Health)

As one of Hollywood’s strongest female action heroes, it is no wonder that Danai Gurira is in fantastic shape. With kickass roles in Marvel’s Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War and The Walking Dead, Gurira has adopted a rigorous fitness regime.

And the results clearly make all the pain worth it.

In a new spread for Women’s Health, the 40-year-old – yes, she’s 40! – humbly flaunts her fit physique in swimsuits and bikinis inspiring body envy for us all. Although her toned figure appears to be a natural gift from god (it partly is), Gurira explains how she has trained religiously with a fitness instructor four times a week for the past three years.

Gurira told the magazine: “Sometimes it’s so intense I can’t remember what we did… If I haven’t worked out, if I haven’t exercised and connected with my body in some way, it chips away at my feeling of well-being.”

The actress continues: “As women, we’re not always encouraged to find the fullest extent of our physical power. There’s something so exciting about tapping into that part of ourselves. It might be lifting weights, it might be boxing, it might be something a little less [intense]. There’s no need to break records tomorrow. It’s just about slowly finding what feels good and what feels rewarding.”

Danai Gurira Women's Health

Danai Gurira appears in high-action films such as Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War (Ben Watts/Women’s Health)

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Anyone who has tried a fitness regime know that the key to achieving a toned body is a perfect combination of working out and eating well – a balanced diet, you might say. Gurira describes herself as a “pesca-vegan”, relinquishing most meat and dairy products save for fish occasionally.

Sharing an insight into her diet, Gurira says: “I used to have spinach when I was a kid, and my mom wouldn’t let me leave the table until I’d eaten it. Somehow that worked its way into me feeling like I have to eat spinach. And now I love spinach—I mean, I love spinach. I want it in my smoothies, I want it on the side, I want it with my meals.”

If eating spinach means we’ll look anything like Gurira, we’ll now be buying in bulk!

Actress Danai Gurira

(Ben Watts/Women’s Health)

Danai Gurira beach shot

(Ben Watts/Women’s Health)


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