Benefit Cosmetics spend mind-blowing budget on beauty blogger Maldives trip

Patricia Bright Maldives

Patricia Bright has been lapping up the luxury in the Maldives on the Benefit trip

If your Instagram and Snapchat feeds have been flooded with YouTube beauty bloggers like Patricia Bright and Jackie Aina sharing photos from heavenly locations, then it’s because they might be the luckiest people on earth.

Benefit Cosmetics have flown a large group of influencers out to the Maldives and Utah for the most magnificent press trip to launch their new BADgal BANG! mascara – and evidently they have spared no expenses.

British beauty gurus likes Patricia Bright, Samantha Maria, Tasha Green and Jayde Pierce are staying at the breathtaking Soneva Jani luxury resort in the Maldives.

Set on a private lagoon, the villas are accessed via seaboat with prices starting from around £2,300 and going as high as £10,000 per night. Times that by how many people they’ve invited on the trips plus business-class flights and, well, you can do the math!

YouTube vloggers from the US have been flown out to the gorgeous Amangiri Luxury Resort in Canyon Point, Utah where the likes of Jackie Aina, Mac Daddy aka Angel Marino and Ellarie are enjoying similar luxuries. A dinner menu consisted of appetising meals like chickens in orbit, earth & earth and a chocolate BADgal blast off for dessert.

Noting the extravagance of the press trip, body positive influencer Stephanie Yeboah tweeted: “Benefit’s PR budget must be OUT OF THIS WORLD.”

All for me…🥞 🍳 @benefitcosmeticsuk #outofthisworld

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A follower replied: “Mate, I added up how much it was to stay at that resort for 6 nights with my faux-husband and it’s 6 digits,” while another chimed in: “All of this luxury for a bloody mascara. I’ve never been so astonished at a PR trip before! Should have expanded their appalling shade range first tbh.”

Agreeing with her disappointment in their foundation range, another added: “But their foundation only comes in 8 shades. I’ve been wanting to get this off my chest all week,” and one other said: “True! Yet they don’t have a budget to make hula bronzer for darker skin. And don’t have a budget to expand their hello oxygen foundation ranges shades or to give women of color a blush besides Galifornia. Bye benefit!”

Another Twitter user said: “I was like thinking it was going to be a whole range of products! Still envious of everyone who got to go!”

If you’re not too pressed about the Benefits trip, then take a look at all the amazing fun in the sun your favourite beauty bloggers are having below…

YouTube beauty bloggers on the Benefits press trip:

The last day in the Maldives 🏝☀️ #outofthisworld

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I was made for this 🔴⚪️ @benefitcosmeticsuk #outofthisworld

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