Everyday Struggle’s Nadeska confronts Star over ‘disgusting’ lewd comment

Complex's Everyday Struggle

Nadeska confronted Star in an Everyday Struggle episode this week while DJ Akademiks watched from the sidelines

Everyday Struggle host Nadeska Alexis has been hailed a hero for confronting her new colleague, Troy “Star” Toraine, over a lewd comment he recently made about her.

Star, a former Hot 97 radio host, has replaced Joe Budden on Complex’s hip-hop debate show, going up against DJ Akademiks.

It’s safe to say that Star’s first week in the job hasn’t exactly been smooth-sailing after an audio clip from December, in which he makes an inappropriate sexual comment about Alexis, resurfaced online.

In the snippet from his podcast, Star in the Morning, the radio personality says: “How about that Nadeska on Everyday Struggle. How about that little hot thing? I would love to jerk off on her leg, just jerk off on her leg. Nadeska, that’s a hot bitch. I just want to say that on some reckless s**t.”

Star’s lewd comment:

Needless to say the comment particularly unsettled famously strong feminist Alexis and the Internet at large considering the main social topic over the last few months has been sexual assault and objectification of women in the workplace.

Although Star made this comment before landing the Everyday Struggle job, it obviously put Alexis in an uncomfortable situation once the clip came to light again.

In Tuesday’s episode of Everyday Struggle, Alexis began the show by asking Star why he felt it was okay to make that comment publicly.

The DJ said: “I didn’t know I was going to meet you guys. I say what I say. I do what I do. I sip at night the way [Akademiks] sips in the morning. I said some things. When I got the email with regards to coming here, I didn’t even think about it… Those comments were made way before I was even contacted by you guys.”

Watch Nadeska confront Star on Everyday Struggle:

Alexis then pressed: “If we’re already coworkers, it makes a difference, but if it’s someone you don’t know, you would make those comments?

“… Working with someone like you, I sort of knew what we were getting into. I know some of the things you say. Maybe a little jaded and numb at this point but this is what I mean by being a woman in this industry.”

Acknowledging his comments were inappropriate, Star later admitted: “They were sexist, they were foul and they were wrong.”

How would you handle the situation if your coworker spoke about you in this way?

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  1. January 27, 2018 / 1:11 am

    Everyday Struggle is hard to watch without Joe but gave it a chance then that comment came out and it’s a no for me for sure

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