Amara La Negra defends Afro-Latino community: ‘We don’t all look like J.Lo’

Amara La Negra

Amara La Negra said Young Hollywood is simply “ignorant” and uneducated in his views on Afro-Latinos

Love & Hip Hop Miami star Amara La Negra stopped by Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club on Monday (22th January), to discuss discrimination against Afro-Latinos.

La Negra, 27, earned support after the premiere episode of Love & Hip Hop Miami when music producer Young Hollywood controversially told the singer to swap her natural afro for a Beyonce-look.

Since then, La Negra has used the Love & Hip Hop platform to raise awareness about racism against darker-skinned people within the Dominican and Latino community.

Addressing the issue, the reality star told hosts Charlamagne Tha God, DJ Envy and Angela Yee: “It’s really sad the fact that I even have to answer these questions. The fact I feel as though I have to prove myself because every single part of me is being questioned.

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“I feel like there’s a lot of ignorance when it comes to Afro-Latino people… But at the same time I really can’t be mad at [them] because there really aren’t a lot of Afro-Latinos doing anything in entertainment and if there are, they really aren’t talking about it.

“We [Dominicans] come in so many different shades that it’s like, why is it so hard for people to understand or accept me?”

La Negra also noted the pressures for women in showbiz to conform to mainstream ideals of beauty.

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The musician explained: “There’s this standard of beauty in the entertainment industry that you have to look a certain type of way in order to be pretty. Your hair needs to be straight and silky in order to be pretty or if you’re Latina you have to look like J.Lo, Sofia Vergara, Shakira.

“But if you look like me, ‘Oh, you don’t look Latina enough’. What does that even mean? There isn’t a Latin country that doesn’t have people that look like myself. Why aren’t we in magazines or movies? It bothers me.”

Young Hollywood immediately became the villain of Love & Hip Hop Miami following his comments to La Negra in episode one. The singer had visited Young Hollywood to seek his advice on how to make the transition from the Latin music industry into the American market.

Recalling their first meeting, La Negra said: “He didn’t even ask me about my music, it was nothing about that. Originally before editing, [he said], ‘Yo, why is your hair so nappy like that? What’s wrong with it?’

“At that moment because I was looking for help I thought, maybe I’m misunderstanding what you’re trying to say. Then it was like, ‘You need to be less Macy Gray and more Beyonce. Your hair isn’t elegant’. Then he called me a Nutella queen. Then it got worse.”

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Young Hollywood’s offensive comments prompted some to send death threats to the producer, but La Negra is careful to state that she does not condone this behaviour.

La Negra said: “Unfortunately I almost feel that because I’ve heard it so many times, there’s this part of me that felt I don’t want to be mad at you I just feel like I should educate you about it.

“At this point he’s getting death threats and my biggest thing was, if you support me, please do not be the one to be like, ‘We’re going to kill you’. No, no, no. Not coming from my behalf… It’s just that he’s ignorant.”

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