Taraji P Henson grosses $3m with Proud Mary despite Sony’s terrible marketing

Taraji P Henson in Proud Mary

Taraji P Henson is described as “kickass” in action thriller Proud Mary

Actress Taraji P Henson has won rave reviews for her starring role in assassin thriller Proud Mary.

However that hasn’t stopped critics bashing the action movie overall. Proud Mary limped onto the box office chart after taking $3m during its opening day in the US on Friday (12th January).

With the lack of marketing and poor reviews, the finger of blame is pointing directly at movie studio Sony Pictures who apparently tried to bury the film release.

Henson, 47, stars as Mary, a hitwoman working for an organised crime family in Boston. When a professional hit goes wrong, Mary meets a young orphaned boy and her life is turned up down into chaos.

Much of the film’s compliments lie mostly with Henson, who is described as “kickass in a mediocre film” by Vox in their review of the action thriller, while Parade said: “Henson is a fierce gunslinging assassin in Proud Mary.”
The Guardian were particularly scathing in their thoughts but said of Henson: “She’s got enough sheer presence that she makes you believe she’s a real person no matter what she’s doing.”

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Like many other critics, The Telegraph criticised Proud Mary’s scriptwriting, stating: “The script, though, doesn’t give her a whole lot of material with which to credibly enact her character’s crisis.”

It’s quite clear that Sony lacked confidence in their own production as the studio did not hold advance press screenings for Proud Mary.

Movies which are predicted to tank are often given Thursday screenings just one day before release to prevent negative reviews jeopardising takings, but even this was not an option for Proud Mary.

Henson should not be too disheartened by the reviews as Proud Mary should still perform relatively well at the box office. According to Forbes, the film is expected to gross between $10-12m from its opening weekend. It is reported the movie worked to a budget of between $14-30m.

While Sony was notably absent, Henson did have the public support of her peers, including Kevin Hart who wrote on Instagram: “I know that I have a movie in theaters right now and that I should only be talking about that but I can’t not support my funky ass sister @tarajiphenson and her new film ‘Proud Mary’….Im so proud of you and all that you have accomplished sis….Make sure y’all go out and support her film this weekend!”

Director Ava Duvernay also tweeted: “I had the pleasure of working with @TheRealTaraji on this commercial and she was charismatic and kind and talented and lovely. For those reasons and more, I’m purchasing my #ProudMary tickets this weekend. Directed by Babak Najafi. In theaters now.”

Proud Mary

Proud Mary is out in the US now and hits UK cinemas on 23 March

What are your thoughts on Proud Mary? Did you enjoy it?

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