Gabi Gregg launches beautiful swimwear range for all women: See the looks

Blogger Gabi Gregg

Gabi Gregg’s swimsuit range is available for women between the sizes of 10-24 (Swimsuits For All)

Fashion blogger Gabi Gregg has launched a new swimwear range for women of all sizes, taking her empire to another level.

The 31-year-old, who is best known for her GabiFresh blog, has teamed up with Swimsuits For All to compile Resort 2018. The expansive line features bold bikinis and caters for women between the sizes of 10-24 while select pieces are available in size 26.

It follows on from Gregg’s previous clothing line, Premme, a size-inclusive lingerie collection. The fashion guru is a respected and prominent figure in the push for body positivity, particularly in the plus-size modelling industry.
Joining Gregg in the campaign, shot in the stunning backdrop of Belize, is model Philomena Kwao and sex educator Ericka Hart.

Explaining how she got ready for the shoot, Gregg told People: “I don’t do any physical preparation because my brand is all about embracing bodies as they are and not giving in to this idea that we have to lose weight to look and feel good in swimwear.

“I naturally get more and more excited as the date approaches, and I like to go over all of the creative choices being made so that we can make sure each shoot is even better than the last.”

Dem thighs tho 👀

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Gregg acknowledges that body positivity moved to the forefront of social discussions between women in 2017, but she still hopes for more progress.

The blogger said: “The next big hurdle is really pushing intersectional representation—so not just seeing bigger light-skinned hourglass bodies but also more races, darker skin colors, different body types and abilities, and on a much more consistent basis.

“Diversity shouldn’t need a ‘special issue’ or a themed runway – it should just be a natural part of casting and hiring.”

Gregg and Swimsuits For All have some exciting news for fans as they will be hosting a casting call for women to find nine women to appear in Gregg’s next shoot. Casting auditions will take place in Los Angeles on 20th and 21st January. More info can be found here.

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