Travel blogger Jessica Nabongo accuses Four Seasons of racial discrimination

Jessica Nabongo

Jessica Nabongo is a successful travel blogger and also runs her own travel agency

Popular travel blogger Jessica Nabongo has accused a Four Seasons hotel of racial discrimination.

Nabongo, who boasts 21,000 Instagram followers and runs her own travel agency, reached out to the Four Seasons Resort Nevis in St Kitts to try and organise a complimentary stay in exchange for promoting the hotel on her social media accounts.

However, the influencer received a response from the hotel declining her proposition and explaining that her “demographic [is] not in line with our brand”.

In a separate email, the Four Seasons further clarified that they feel Nabongo’s travel photography does not speak to a “luxury brand clientele”. The hotel adds that Nabongo does not have a significant overall reach of followers to justify the complimentary stay.

Nabongo, 33, expressed her outrage in an Instagram post, writing: “The travel industry is and always has been predominantly white. The confirmation that they are purposely shutting us out is hurtful. We have got to use the power of our dollars and tell these brands that we won’t stand for them making us invisible. They say that my ‘demographic is not in line with their brand’, but still offered me the opportunity to spend my money. No thanks.”

The Ugandan-American also wrote a more detailed article on Medium about her exchange with the hotel, titled: “When Travel Companies Don’t Believe ‘Black’ Means Luxury.”

Nabongo writes: “For anyone who spends time on Instagram making bucket lists from different accounts, you will notice that the biggest travel influencers are all white, but beyond that, you will notice that accounts with large followings that promote travel, but are independent of brands, are also overwhelmingly white.
“I asked myself is this blatant? Are they leaving us out purposely? Or are we being excluded because they simply do not think about us, in a non malicious way.”

The blogger was clear to state that she understands it is entirely the Four Seasons’ prerogative to offer her the marketing opportunity.

She continues: “My experiences are accessible to all as long as you can see me merely as a traveler. Not a black traveler, or a female traveler or an American traveler or an African traveler or a young traveler, but simply as a traveler. One with extensive experience and the ability to translate these experiences across racial, gender, generational, and cultural boundaries.”

Nabongo earned much support from her Twitter followers, with one weighing in: “There is such a smarter way to send a ‘no thanks’ letter. They dug their own hole by saying demographics & then claiming you had too few followers.”

But not everyone agreed as another countered: “Seems like the made a choice. They don’t feel your brand aligns with theirs. You and your followers may not agree but there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with this choice [sic].”

Do you believe that Nabongo was discriminated against? Or are you accept the Four Seasons’ response?

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