Time’s Up: Uzo Aduba and Tessa Thompson on why they’re not boycotting the Golden Globes

Uzo Aduba

Uzo Aduba is a member of the Time’s Up movement which seeks to end sexual harassment in the workplace (Emma Trim)

The Golden Globes 2018 will usher in the awards season tonight (7 January) at the Beverly Hilton in California. Many of Hollywood’s female stars will walk the red carpet wearing dark colours in honour of the Time’s Up campaign, which aims to put an end to sexual harassment in the workplace following the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

Critics have suggested that the movie industry boycott the Golden Globes entirely to show their full support of the #MeToo movement. Two founding members of Time’s Up, actresses Uzo Aduba and Tessa Thompson, explain why this would be ineffective.

Speaking to Glamour, Thompson said: “I know one of the critiques, for example, was, Why don’t you boycott it? Well, the truth is we’re not making any specific demands to the H.F.P.A. (the organization that votes on the awards).

“To me, it makes sense to boycott an organisation if they’re not complying with something that you’re asking for. We’re making wider demands to the industry, to all industries, and to create a culture in Hollywood that is safe for all people, not just women, right?”

The Creed actress added: “That, to me, is why this moment at the Globes is indeed really powerful and has the capability to reach all kinds of people. It’s a time to take the microphone that you’ve been given and to use it in a new and exciting way.”

Time’s Up launched on 1 January with a-list stars like Shonda Rhimes, Kerry Washington, Eva Longoria, Natalie Portman and Emma Stone signing the petition and donating large sums of money to the movement.

Since the Weinstein expose, hundreds of entertainers have come forward with stories of rape and sexual harassment against some of the most well-known names in Hollywood, including Kevin Spacey and Russell Simmons.

Reflecting on how the powerful protest has evolved over two months, Aduba said: “The first people to be shut down are the artists because their art speaks to the community, they speak to the world.”

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The Orange Is The New Black star said: “Now that we’re living in this modern era and this is the age of television, the age of red carpets, I think the stage has changed but the intentions of the artist hasn’t. I think artists traditionally have always had a voice and this weekend isn’t necessarily exceptional in that way.

“I think what’s exceptional is that so many have found a way to come together to unite in a singular voice, and that’s powerful.”

The Golden Globes will broadcast live on NBC from 5pm PST and 8pm EST.


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