#LHHMIA: Twitter defends Amara La Negra over natural afro hair

Amara La Negra

Amara La Negra has joined the cast of the brand new Love & Hip Hop Miami

VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Miami debuted on 1 January and has already stirred controversy. Twitter erupted in outrage when the premiere showed Dominican artist Amara La Negra being advised to ditch her natural afro in favour of a Beyonce look.

In episode one, La Negra, 26, meets music producer Young Hollywood to discuss launching her music career in the American market. The Afro-Latina admitted her concerns about being successful because she does not look like a so-called typical musician.

Unfortunately when she met Young Hollywood, those worries were validated.

The meeting got off to an awkward start when La Negra arrived with her mother. An unimpressed Young Hollywood questioned: “I thought this was supposed to be a business meeting,” prompting La Negra to state: “I take my mum everywhere with me. He can take it or leave it.”

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It does not take long before Young Hollywood suggests that La Negra, a dark-skinned beauty, changes her appearance to fit in with the American music scene.

The producer tells her: “We need to change the way you look. You need to think a little more Beyonce and a little less Macy Grey. You need to lose the afro.”

Clearly surprised and upset, La Negra asks: “Does that mean that you don’t think a woman can be sexy with an afro? In case you didn’t know, I am also part black.”

Young Hollywood backtracks: “I apologise my African queen. You can still be sexy with an afro.” But La Negra replies: “I wanted a producer I could work with and do business with.”

Naturally, Twitter jumped to La Negra’s defence and criticised Young Hollywood for generalising the ideals of beauty.

One angry viewer tweeted: “Telling a black woman shes too black too be successful then tagging on no offense… Hollywood needs a chancla to the dome.”

Another supporter applauded La Negra, weighing in: “Seeing a woman speak on her natural hair and dark skin and not willing to change is new and good for reality tv.”

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Hitting out at Young Hollywood, one commented: “And just like that, Young Hollywood shows the mindset of most light Latinos that don’t know their own damn history. Smh.”

Another said: “Young Hollywood is so f*****g ignorant. He’s laughing because she takes being Afro-Latina so f*****g seriously. He’s anti-Black as f**k. He’s making her Afro-Latina the top of discussion in a negative and that’s why it’s a problem.”

Young Hollywood was described as “ignorant” by one critic while another Twitter user said: “Amara literally looks like a black barbie doll. we need representation LIKE her for the black community and the music industry.”

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