K Michelle reveals the brutally honest truth about butt implants

K Michelle

K Michelle will have her butt implants removed on 12 January

K Michelle will have her butt implants removed in January 2018 as they have started to negatively impact her health.

The R&B singer revealed the downside to having cosmetic surgery on her bum in a brutally honest interview with The Real earlier in December. Speaking to The Real hosts including Adrienne Bailon and Loni Love, K Michelle confirmed she will have the removal surgery on 12 January.

K Michelle said it was important to explain the detriment of having bum implants in an era where they are glamourised by women and celebrities on social media.

The 33-year-old singer said: “I’ve been very open. I’ve always been curvy [but] it wasn’t enough. I thought, ‘I want to take it to the extreme. I’m having trouble with men right now so maybe if I have a huge butt, I get even bigger love’. I did teeth, I did butt, I did hips.”

She continued: “Now I’m to the point where I’ve getting tired of it for years, trying lipo[suction]. Now it’s to the point where it’s affecting my health and we’re thinking that the aching and everything that made me go and get checked for lupus is because my legs – my butt is so big that my legs are not holding it.

Watch K Michelle’s interview on The Real:

“People don’t talk about that though… I’ve literally gone to doctors who don’t want to touch it. I’ve found a doctor now who’s going to do it for me and he said, ‘I see this all the time’. Imagine if you don’t have the money to get it out. So you got these big ol’ butt shots and you’re in pain but you don’t have any money to get it out of you – they don’t tell you about that.”

Kudos to K Michelle for being honest about a topic which many women sugarcoat, portraying a false impression of perfection on young women.

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