Munroe Bergdorf clashes with Piers Morgan over n-word on GMB

Munroe Bergdorf on Good Morning Britain

Munroe Bergdorf debated Twitter banning Britain First leaders on GMB alongside Edward Adoo (ITV)

Transgender model Munroe Bergdorf clashed with Good Morning Britain hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on 19 December when she used the n-word twice. The former L’Oreal ambassador joined the live ITV debate about Twitter cracking down on offensive language from Britain First members.

During the freedom of speech discussion with writer and broadcaster Edward Adoo, Bergdorf agreed with Twitter’s decision to suspend the accounts of Britain First leaders, Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding.

Bergdorf, 29, argued: “Absolutely this is about abuse. This is about racism and trying to stem the amount of racism, especially with young white men in modern Britain today.

“These are the groups that are upholding it. I think it’s very different with institutions when you’ve got businesses and agencies targeting individual people with abuse. I was called a ‘n****r’, I was called a ‘black b***h’, I was called a “tranny” constantly by these people.”

The DJ added: “Twitter allowing these comments to go out there people to be targeted. White people aren’t oppressed. These groups are assembled to feed into a narrative of alt right.

“These people are abusing their freedom of speech. You can’t just go round calling black women in the media…”

 Watch Munroe Bergdorf’s debate on GMB:

However at this point, Reid interjected that Bergdorf had already used inappropriate language on the breakfast show.

The model responded: “I’m not going to say it. People continuously target black women in the media. This is a solution, shutting down these accounts.”

Despite Reid’s earlier warning, Bergdorf used the n-word again, stating: “I can’t say n***** but I’m going to say it.”

While Adoo reminded her it was an early morning show, Morgan proceeded to give Bergdorf a quick dressing down. The presenter said: “We would like you to stop just using the word. My opinion is that the more that people use it, any colour, the worse it is.”

Bergdorf argued: “This reaction of me using the n-word is seen as more violent than the fact that we are actually called this. Yet we are allowed to show blackface. It’s highly racist.”

In August, Bergdorf was at the centre of controversy when it appeared she had declared “all white people” racist in a Facebook post. Cosmetics giant L’Oreal sacked Bergdorf shortly after in light of her comments stating her beliefs were “at odds with [their] values”. Bergdorf had become the first transgender model to front a L’Oreal campaign.

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