BeautyCon London 2017: 5 minutes with Gracie Francesca

YouTube vlogger Gracie Francesca

Gracie Francesca at BeautyCon London 2017 (Alexandra Wyman/SilverHub)

Gracie Francesca Victory is one of the most accomplished YouTube vloggers in the UK but is also best known as ‘the Internet’s big sister’.

The 27-year-old is a source of advice for young women on all sorts of topics from eating disorders to sex and body image. With more than 225,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel, Gracie is without a doubt influential to the younger generation who are drawn to her relatable and honest persona.

This genuinity was proven in 2016 when Gracie, a prominent face in the plus-size industry, bared all in an empowering video titled Naked, in which she embraced her imperfectly perfect body.

It then should come as no surprise that Gracie’s career has flourished outside of the YouTube space. In 2016, Gracie presented her very own BBC Three documentary, Clean Eating’s Dirty Secrets, in which she tested out various food diets including veganism.

The TV personality also released her debut autobiography, No Filter, in July 2017, offering an “uncensored” insight into her story. Eagle-eyed viewers may also recognise Gracie from her brief cameo in Stormzy’s Big For Your Boots video *wink, wink*

The Silhouette had the pleasure of chatting to Gracie at BeautyCon London earlier in December where we discussed body positivity and what YouTube is really like for women of colour.

5 minutes with Gracie Francesca

As a woman of colour, do you think there are enough opportunities for YouTube vloggers?

No, I don’t. I think that the most successful vloggers all look the same and talk the same.

There’s a real lack of diversity within YouTube and having opportunities. It’s eventually going to get better but at the moment it’s still very annoying, especially for me because I’m a woman of colour. But I’m hoping that I’m creating more paths for people that aren’t middle class.

Putting on make-up is great but what makes you truly comfortable?

Well, I like going make-up free anyway so for me it’d be having a tan. I love being bronzed on holiday, having fresh braids and my hair done. That’s when I feel most comfortable – and wearing jogging bottoms, just chilling. That’s when I feel most me.

Women are celebrating the release of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty. What are your thoughts on the collection?

It’s great! I think Rihanna saw an opportunity and just went for it and then other brands are now shaking in their boots. I love it.

What’s your beauty motto?

I haven’t got a beauty motto, I just think do what makes you happy.

Your Naked video went viral last year, what pushed you to make the video?

I just felt inspired really. When I feel inspired I get a thought and I just try to make content off of that and that’s what I did.

Any exciting projects lined-up for 2018?

I can’t say anything but I’m at a really weird stage where I’m not sure what I’m going to do anymore. Personal growth, I want to get fit and travel more. Also, just to continue empowering women through fashion.

Watch Gracie Francesca’s Naked video:

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