BeautyCon London 2017: 5 minutes with Samantha Maria

YouTube vlogger Samantha Maria

Samantha Maria will introduce her daughter, Indie, to make-up slowly when she’s older

Samantha Maria has blossomed into an inspiring young woman in full view of her YouTube subscribers. Formerly known as Beauty Crush, Sammi built her audience of over one million through chatty make-up hauls and artsy fashion look books.

The 28-year-old vlogger is still passionate about the latest products on the market but understandably views beauty in a different way after becoming a mother to her adorable daughter, Indie Rose, a year ago.

Now also a businesswoman – she runs fashion label Novem & Knight with husband Jason Davies – Sammi appreciates even more the importance of diversity within the fashion and beauty industry.

The Silhouette caught up with Sammi at BeautyCon London 2017 on 2 December to discuss her thoughts on equality within the world of beauty.

5 minutes with Samantha Maria

Fenty Beauty took the industry by storm this year. What are your thoughts on Rihanna’s debut make-up collection?

It’s amazing because, obviously I’m someone who’s been so into beauty since I was so young. I remember going into Superdrugs, using foundations and going home and being like, I look really pink!

So now I feel like it must be so amazing for younger girls just starting to get into beauty, there’s just something there for everyone. Also, what I really love is the imagery as well. All the campaigns that go along with it because you can actually see people who you’re like, I can wear that, that would look good on me as well, as opposed to five or 10 years ago.

Because I never upload a smiley selfie and also this was one of @jasonarrandavis’s faves from the bunch ♥️☺️

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What’s your number one beauty tip?

For me recently it’s been more to simplify my skin care routine. I know it’s not as fun as make-up but it’s really helped my skin. I thought I’d always have bad skin but I’ve really stripped it back and just used a few products and it’s really helped.

What beauty values will you instill in your daughter, Indie, as she gets older?

I feel like I need to try not to be too overbearing with her in terms of, ‘Don’t touch your eyebrows, do your skin care’. I just can’t even imagine it yet because she’s so small but I think I’ll really want to drill into her that she is beautiful naturally.

That’s the most important thing really and if she likes make-up – and she’s obviously going to see me doing make-up – but I’d want her to start slowly. Maybe I’ll just allow her to use lip gloss at the beginning.

What makes you feel truly comfortable within your own skin?

I guess just being in a place where I feel really safe and comfortable. The first thing I do when I get home is take off my jeans and structured clothing, get into my comfy clothes and feel so myself and just happy.

Watch Samantha Maria’s skincare routine:

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