BeautyCon London 2017: 5 minutes with Patricia Bright

Patricia Bright hosts at BeautyCon London

Patricia Bright hosted a panel at BeautyCon London 2017 (Alexandra Wyman/SilverHub)

Patricia Bright looked all kinds of flawless at BeautyCon London 2017 last Saturday (2 December).

The style-savvy businesswoman is one of the most successful black British YouTube vloggers in the world of beauty with almost two million subscribers to her main channel.

Over the last seven years, Patricia, 30, has worked tirelessly to build her brand as a relatable and honest lifestyle guru. So it only made sense that the vlogger hosted BeautyCon London’s panel, Tech For Good, honing in on how to take your YouTube presence that one-step further.

The Silhouette also caught up with Patricia on BeautyCon’s pink carpet to discuss diversity on YouTube, her thoughts on Fenty Beauty and more.

5 minutes with Patricia Bright

How do you feel about diversity for women of colour in the YouTube space?

There are a lot of beautiful girls of all races and all shades making great content and I just want audiences to be more willing to look at girls who don’t look like them. You can’t force people to watch you but they need to be open and the brands and individuals just need to make a proactive effort to bring people on board.

Patricia Bright BeautyCon panel

Patricia Bright discussed taking her YouTube brand further on a BeautyCon panel (Alexandra Wyman/SilverHub)

What does Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty make-up range mean for women of colour?

I actually don’t believe it’s the only line [for black women]. MAC has got 40 shades of foundation, Lancome Teint Idole had Lupita [Nyong’o] as their spokeswoman in 2015, Makeup Forever has 40 shades as well.

I love Fenty, I love what it’s doing and I also think it’s monetising on the back of it but I don’t want to disrespect the brands that I know have always had my back.

I worked with Bobbi Brown who have got so many shades and her goal was to create deep, rich, red and yellow shades. I’m glad to see that a song and dance has been made about [Fenty] but, there have been brands that have had my back and I also have their back.

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It’s great to put on make-up and feel put-together but what makes you feel truly comfortable in your own skin?

The people that I’m around. If I’m in a positive environment, I can de-wig, take off my eyebrows and look crusty but feel comfortable around them.

You can never look crusty, Patricia…

See me on a Thursday evening!

You’re a mum now to your adorable little daughter Grace – what beauty values will you instill in her as she gets older?

Have fun, you don’t have to do what do what everybody else does. You look how you look and do what works for you.

Is there a beauty motto you live by?

Don’t be ashy and moisturise!


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