BeautyCon London 2017: 5 minutes with Maya Jama

Maya Jama on BeautyCon London red carpet

Maya Jama spoke to The Silhouette about diversity in the beauty industry at BeautyCon London (Alexandra Wyman/SilverHub)

Maya Jama never fails in looking preened to perfection on the red carpet. So it was only fitting that the TV presenter attended BeautyCon London 2017 on Saturday (2 December) – and of course, she looked flawless.

Hosted at Olympia, Hammersmith, this year’s BeautyCon London saw Jama, 23, moderate a Q&A session with Britain’s Got Talent host Alesha Dixon, whom she idolised as a child. But Jama is fast becoming a role model in her own right after what has been an incredibly successful year.

Fresh from her momentous night hosting the MOBO Awards 2017, The Silhouette grabbed a few minutes with Jama on BeautyCon London’s pink carpet to talk all things beauty, diversity and self-confidence.

5 minutes with Maya Jama

As a woman of colour, did you feel represented in the beauty industry growing up?

Not really, I didn’t wear much make-up until I left school just because I didn’t know how to wear make-up or what the shades were, anything like that. My mum is white so I’d end up trying to use her make-up and it didn’t really work out that way. So I’d end up just doing mascara and eyebrow pencil instead of moving onto foundations and concealers. So I suppose I didn’t feel too represented when I was growing up, no.

Is diversity improved today?

I think it’s getting better now especially with Rihanna and what she’s done with Fenty [Beauty]. MAC are amazing and Nars have got so many different shades. We can find our shade nowadays but it’s taken a while.

Beautycon yesterday ❤️ hosted a chat with my fave @aleshaofficial 👭

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How has your beauty look evolved over the years? Any embarrassing trends you used to follow?

I definitely had those tiny little pencil eyebrows – definitely plucked the living life out of them. I also used to do loads of pink blusher which didn’t match my face so I’m glad those two have disappeared but I’m super lucky to have a make-up artist now so she fleeks the living life out of me. But on an average day when I don’t have her, I literally am quite a basic b***h, I just do concealer and bronzer. I also give my skin some time to breathe.

Which celebrity’s beauty look do you admire?

Alesha Dixon and Rihanna for sure. Bella Hadid, I think she’s gorge. Ella Eyre, I think is so naturally beautiful and she’s got the most amazing skin.

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It’s great to wear make-up and feel glamorous but what makes you feel truly comfortable in your own skin?

Just when I’m feeling healthy and rested. When I’ve had a good sleep, I know everything’s put together and haven’t got much to do that day, then I feel comfortable and like I can breathe a bit. Also, when I’m fully rested and preferably when I’ve not drank any alcohol, then I feel better.

In a recent Snapchat, you mentioned how you missed family and friends due to extensive travelling. How do you balance your professional and personal life?

I don’t really to be honest, I haven’t mastered the balance, I get super overwhelmed sometimes. Other times I can handle this like superwoman mode but I’m only human at the end of the day and you can only work so much. As much as all the jobs I’m doing are incredible and amazing and I love it, I actually get tired and worn out sometimes. On those days I speak to my manager and say right, I need a day off, so we squeeze one in. I literally stay in my pyjamas all day, regroup and do it all over again.

Is there a beauty motto you live by?

No, I just wear a lot of face masks. They usually make me feel better.


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