White woman Tiffany Jolene goes viral for bashing black men who only date white women

Tiffany Jolene believes some black men date white women as they are “more submissive” than black women

A white woman has caused a stir on social media for slamming black men who only date white women. Tiffany Jolene posted a lengthy Facebook rant earlier in October suggesting some black men date outside their race because Caucasian women may be more “submissive”.

Jolene, a writer, was clear to state that she supports interracial dating but is against black men who can not handle independent black women.

In Jolene’s controversial Facebook post, which has now been removed, she wrote: “If your primary reason for dating white women is because you’re under the self centered delusion that they are more ‘submissive’ and understanding of your inherent refusal to get your s**t together without the help of a romantic partner, I am not the Caucasian for you.”

Jolene continued: “You’re likely to be intentionally targeting a certain brand of white women because they’re as not privy to your b*****t as black women; having been raised around or by you. You highlight your disapproval of black women because of their independence, strength… They are much more ‘difficult’ for you to manipulate.”

Many black women have applauded Jolene for her supportive stance towards. However, some black men were defensive. One man explained: “I just like interracial dating . . . that’s it lol.”


Another responded: “It’s not anyone’s place to make these kind of stereotypical generalisations about entire ethnic and/or gender groups.”

Surprisingly, one black woman was not pleased that Jolene spoke up on her behalf, chiming in: “Tiffany Jolene, stay in your lane baby. It’s not your place to check Black men on their hatred of Black women.”

After leaving the debate to ensue for a few days, Jolene responded in a second Facebook post. The photographer explained: “While I can somewhat understand where the issue lies, I still stand behind what I said. I am not dating, but that does not stop the type of men I spoke of from hopping in my inbox when they see me engaging on another friends post & decide to shoot their shot.”

Do you agree with Tiffany Jolene’s comments on black men choosing to date white women?

She continued: “The intent with my blog is to support women in their struggle to get back to loving themselves. All of my posts are tailored to said theme. I post about things I’ve experienced that others may relate to, and it doesn’t have to be something I am currently experiencing.

“This particular rant was spawn from a side conversation with friends, as most of my rants are. It was about black men, because 90% of my friends list are POC, because the men I was talking about are black men, because the men who I’ve dated and have experiences with are black men, and because the majority of the men my friends date are black men.”

Jolene also hit back at accusations she is racist, adding: “The assumptions that I’m racist are disappointing. I touched on some of the qualities that the men in my inbox saying ‘I need me a white girl’ have. Do all of them do that? NO NOT ALL MEN. Yes there are men who fetishise white women who aren’t lazy, unshaven, hobosexual bums, but I wasn’t talking about them. Using words like illiterate (because of the poorly written messages I have received) wasn’t a generalisation about all black men.”

Do you agree with Tiffany Jolene?

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