Bobbi Kristina biopic trailer is tragic and heartbreaking

Bobbi Kristina and Whitney Houston

Bobbi Kristina died in July 2015 and a new biopic will tell the story of her short life

A trailer for the forthcoming biopic on Bobbi Kristina Brown has been released. Titled Bobbi Kristina, the TV One film will explore the youngster’s downward spiral after the death of her mother Whitney Houston and her own tragic passing in 2015. But does such a heartbreaking story about, essentially, a non-celebrity need to be told?

Set to air on 8 October on the US network, Bobbi Kristina also promises to offer an inside look at the 22-year-old’s controversial relationship with her “adopted brother” Nick Gordon whom she dated until her death.

Bobbi was in the public eye due to her superstar mother Whitney, who died in 2012, but she had no true celebrity credentials herself. Bobbi was not yet a singer or actress even though she aspired to be in the future. Unfortunately, she was never able to fulfil those wishes as her life was cut short in July 2015, several months after being found unconscious in a bathtub.


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One commentator stated beside the YouTube trailer: “She was the daughter of a celebrity and only 22 years old, with no achievements of her own. It’s sickening to see the length people will go to make money off of 2 people’s death.”

Defending the biopic, D’Angela Proctor, TV One head of original programming and production, said in a statement: “The tabloids painted a picture of two superstars who lived a tumultuous life, but we often forget that in the process a little girl had to grow up in a limelight that she did not choose.

Bobbi Kristina was the daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown

“In its simplest form, Bobbi Kristina is a story about a beautiful mother-daughter relationship intertwined with both of their desires to be loved; one just happened to be a superstar and the other an innocent bystander to her parents’ fame.”

It seems the Bobbi Kristina biopic will be met with some backlash when it eventually airs, as another commentator said: “I truly don’t see the point of doing this movie… They need to leave them alone and rest in peace.”

Watch the Bobbi Kristina trailer:

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